Laurence Coste with her Dog

Tatler - Where the Social Set Buy Their Jewellery

Laurence Coste is more than just a brand, its a lifestyle! The store is one of the best kept secrets of Lonodn to buy a spectular jewel. Laurence Coste pieces catch everyone's eye at every social event. Our products are insipred by our gorgeous female clientel and we want to ensure that everyone feels special wearing our unique designer pieces. 

"Inspired by Loulou de la Falaise (one of Yves Saint Laurent’s original muses), every piece of Laurence Coste’s jewellery transports you to Parisian bohemia. This French designer has become a go-to jewellery brand for Emma Thompson, Francesca Cumani and Lady Tatiana Mountbatten. Find the glamorous boutiques on Walton Street or Sloane Street, where you will discover delicately crafted gingko leaf and coral drop earrings, vibrant beaded chokers and ‘Dolce Vita’ gold cuffs. If you feel that a piece is not quite right, fear not, as the stores offer a service to change aspects of the design to suit your tastes." 


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