About Laurence Coste

Laurence Coste is an eponymous jewellery brand handmade and designed in Chelsea, London.

Working exclusively with semi-precious stones, Laurence takes her inspiration from the colourful harmonies and textural depth that surround us in nature, especially the sea and marine life. Her aesthetic is bold and daring, catering to the modern woman of the twenty-first century who is fun-loving and bold-spirited. Laurence’s exclusive pieces are designed to enhance the wearer’s creativity and individuality, whilst adding an original twist to any outfit.

Born in Paris, Laurence spent her childhood in France before moving to London in the mid 80’s. Inspired by none other than Loulou de la Falaise, her passion for jewellery started at a young age when she began designing pieces for her friends to wear to parties in Paris. She then embarked on a History of Art course at Christie’s, which proved a great inspiration for the launch of her brand.

Laurence opened her jewellery boutique in Walton Street in 2006 and in Sloane Street in 2017; they have since become the go-to destination for stylish women and celebrities seeking something unique and original. From signature everyday classics to fun one-off creations, it is safe to say that you will find the perfect accessory for every occasion in the striking treasure trove that is Laurence Coste.



At Laurence Coste, sustainability and our impact on the environment is of utmost importance, which is why we make sure all of the stones and pearls we use are chosen responsibly and ethically sourced from sustainable suppliers around the world.

One of our greatest inspirations is subaquatic life and marine colours and textures, making the preservation and restoration of these ecosystems a great concern for us. Promoting sustainable design is central to Laurence Coste, where we aim to reduce the environmental impact of our jewellery, from the sourcing of our stones to the creation of our pieces.

At Laurence Coste, we create elegant pieces for the modern woman combining carefully selected semi-precious stones with impeccable craftsmanship and attention to detail. We aim to transcend trends and stand the test of time, producing designs that will work regardless of the season.

All of our products are non-allergenic, made of either sterling silver or silver with gold plating.



Laurence Coste is a jewellery brand for women, made by women and inspired by women. We’re proud of being a female-led and female-driven business and try to use our brand as a platform to inspire change. A portion of our proceeds go to charities that work to help women in disadvantageous situations around the world.