The Story behind the Magic Ginkgo

The Story behind the Magic Ginkgo

As you know, at Laurence Coste we're obsessed with the Ginkgo tree and have a whole collection of handcrafted earrings, necklaces, rings and cuffs inspired by its leaves. Today we're going to tell you the story behind this magical tree...

Ginkgo species dates to some 286 million years ago. Today, Ginkgo Biloba is the only surviving member of Ginkgo family. This survival is said to be owed to its remarkable adaptability, resistance to disease, and to Buddhist monks who cultivated and preserved the trees on sacred grounds.

One particular story tells of one ancient Ginkgo tree in Hiroshima. It sat 1km away from where an atomic bomb landed during the end of World War II destroying a religious temple. The tree continued to bud after the blast. After the war they considered cutting down the tree to rebuild the temple. Instead, Housenbou temple was adjusted around the giant Ginkgo.

 Therefore the Ginkgo is regarded as the 'bearer of hope'. Engraved on the tree is “No More Hiroshima” and peoples prayers for Peace. Interestingly, six Ginkgo trees that were near atomic bombings are still alive today.

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