The Universal Crystal: Quartz

“We are not looking for endless variety - we are looking for fashion” Diana Vreeland, 1967, Glamour

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And in this quote lies Quartz’s perplexity. As a jewellery designer, LC uses a wide range of semi-precious stones, including many types of Quartz stones. But how exactly does one transform ‘variety’ into ‘fashion’.

Being mineral based semi-precious stone, Quartz is of the earth and elevated to new heights by its beautiful naturally occurring forms and colours. It is a component of a variety of rock types and comes in an extensive range of colours and varieties such as agate and jasper. From citrine to amethyst, quartz has many different personalities, each one subtly conveying something new about its owner.

Interesting quartz is of the Smokey variety. Typically of a beautiful black, grey or brown colour, smokey quartz stones come into being by a high volume of UV-radiation interaction. The earthy-colours produced are said to ground and protect the wearer, whilst the allocation of the stone as one of the root chakra origins helps to bring prosperity and luck.

Embedded in large gold settings, these stones have often found their way into LC’s ornate ring collections, taking her designs from beautiful to beneficial by their inclusion and, in turn, transforming this variety into style.

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Rose quartz’s meaning might be easier to guess. Love and all things lovely befall one who wears rose. Self-love, world-love, being beloved – all these loves and more could be helped by the warm glow radiated by a pair of elegant rose quartz LC earrings – items cherished by herself and clients alike, carefully worn to encourage love all around. 

There are many traditional and cultural uses of quartz, it has been used since medieval times to create crystal balls, for example. Ancient Japanese believed quartz formed from the breath of a white dragon and regarded it as representing perfection. Atlanteans believed quartz crystal skulls were living entities and Australian Aborigines used quartz in rain rituals.

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Whether rose or smokey, amethyst or citrine, quartz can provide for many needs beyond embellishment of an outfit alone. Just as your lucky summer sandals can inspire confidence, wearing a certain colour of stone against your skin can soothe interview nerves, attend to a niggling cough or cold or simply provide the reassurance that you look perfect.



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